Vehicle wrapping

Robust and reliable form of visual advertising is sticking windows and car body advertising company. Pasted car or fleet of vehicles is a mobile marketing campaign at its best. It is a method that does not damage the material to which it is affixed may then be easily replaced. We wrapping all types of self-adhesive films, and when we want to avoid even short-term oklejenia we offer magnets and magnetic foils.

Depending on the design, we offer several solutions, using a suitable foil:

Plotter films

This type of foil is used for simple systems graphics, text or logos. When this technique is used films with uniform color, which are available in a rich palette of colors. Depending on the estimated time he will be marked vehicle we have to choose films from the manufacturer's warranty up to 12 years.
Depending on the application surface we choose a film which will ensure adequate coverage of the car:
for flat surfaces of the adhesive foil which is excellent in adhesion to paint and viability color
with rounded surfaces, .: wheel arches, bumpers use a special cast film. It allows you to perfectly adhere to curved surfaces without kinks and wrinkles of the film. This allows us to oklejenia even an entire car by changing its color.


When we need something more than a sign and a company logo and we want to make mobile advertising on the car contained elements with smooth gradations of color, images and photos follow the digital printing on self-adhesive foils. Print is made mostly on film cast or polymer, which allows you to completely taping the car, even on bends. Print this technique provide several years of guaranteed resistance to external factors such as UV rays.


In order to obtain full taping mobile advertising vehicle and thus increase its surface without darken windows, we have the perfect solution. You must use a special film for scrapbooks windows. This film recalls its grid structure, where the outer surface is printed with any graphics. The structure of window film One Way Vision after wyklejeniu "imitates" Venetian mirror effect - that is, from the outside you can see the surface of printed graphics, with the car's interior is still visible surroundings. This allows us to oklejenia avoiding rear windows completely cover it, which is very complicate driving of the driver.


When you want to change the color of our car is an excellent choice taping him adhesive film. Through the use of special cast films can be entirely paste all the elements varnished, and the effect will be just great. We offer a very large color palette of the film, including the effect of metallic paintwork, a matt varnish or foil surface structure, such as carbon. This is an excellent alternative to varnishing whole as well as for the parts of the car when we want to change the color of one element, eg. A mask, or the roof. In an easy and fast way, you can not return to the original color of the body, without damaging the paintwork.
The techniques can be combined - so that almost the entire area of ​​the car can paste your ad.
Keep in mind that the quality of our services largely depends on the paintwork of your vehicle, you should also take into account that veneering subject only to the painted elements - not glued plastic bumpers.
Tiling cars, vans, trucks, special vehicles and other vehicles.


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