Styrodur - XPS

Universal XPS insulation panels with a smooth surface and contoured edges. XPS boards are made from extruded polystyrene foam which has a closed cell, homogeneous structure throughout its bulk, guaranteeing to maintain its insulation properties over a long period. XPS foamed are carbon dioxide, therefore, are organic and environmentally friendly. It is a modern material widely used worldwide in construction for insulation of foundations, basements, inverted roofs and locations subject to permanent contact with moisture and the advertising sector. The material has a closed homogeneous cellular structure throughout its mass, which guarantees to maintain its insulation properties over a long period.
The material is characterized by: the highest ratio of "λD" providing better insulation and less energy loss, the only certified multilayer structure, extrusion at predetermined thickness, high resistance to frost and rot and biological corrosion, very low moisture absorption, high mechanical strength, high elasticity , low density and low weight while maintaining high rigidity, ease of processing and assembly and incendive (a product of self-extinguishing)
In addition to complying with plastic insulation XPS also found a place in advertisements of various types of visual and architectural projects. The most common use of XPS in the ad are all sorts of dimensional letters. This lightweight and easy to assemble and manipulate the material to create exciting, yet robust advertising space. Superbly presented will be both inside and outside buildings, for material that is resistant to changing conditions atmosferyczne.Jednorodna structure, which is characterized by styrodur makes you paint it any color. A wide selection of different thickness, will create 3D advertising, tailored 100% to the site.


  • The highest rate of "λD" - better insulation, less energy loss
  • Resistance to biological factors and atmospheric conditions
  • The production technology further protective material against the damaging effects of water
  • The product perfect for the so-called solutions. "passive houses"
  • Resistance to frost (freeze-thaw cycle dew)
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Resistance to fungus and microbes
  • High mechanical strength and durability
  • A high modulus of elasticity
  • The low density and low weight and high stiffness
  • Wide operating temperature range (- 50 ° C to + 75 ° C)
  • Ease of processing and assembly
  • Self-extinguishing


  • Insulation of walls and other concrete elements
  • Thermal insulation of foundations, basements, pitched roofs and flat
  • Insulation of floors in residential buildings - installation under concrete, the concrete additive to concrete,
  • Xps insulation boards can be used in all standard underfloor heating systems
  • Insulation of floors loaded eg. The ground rail, road, airport halls, parking lots warehouses
  • Visual Advertising - dimensional letters
  • Mock-ups


  • Easy to cut (hand saw, knife, cutting plotter).
  • Drilling
  • Bonding (solvent-free adhesives)
  • Painting (acrylic water-based soluble)
  • Milling and cutting
  • Unlimited possibilities of development of the forms by covering szpachlami, cutting, gluing


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