Self-adhesive films

Self-adhesive films - are used for basic and advanced image ads shown on different surfaces smooth. They are available in an extensive range of colors and shades as well as in the form of fluorescent film. Thanks to high technology, it is possible to cut from this strange material forms, depending on customer requirements. In our offer there are films of well-known companies such as: Oracal, Avery.


Cast film is designed for vehicle wrapping. It is characterized by excellent extensibility, and with the possibility of printing the possibilities are virtually endless. It is irreplaceable for graphics applications on large ribbed surfaces and hard to reach places. Its supplement may be foil One Way Vision.


The magnetic film is a perfect solution for visual advertising medium. It can be easily and quickly removed. Repeatedly applying and removing it without damaging the substrate at the same time provides an excellent alternative to advertising. It is available in thicknesses of 0.4, 0.5, 0.7 and 1 mm. Roll width is 60 cm and 30 meters long. It can be cut, emboss, drill to give any shape. Operating temperature of the magnetic film is -30 ° C - + 70 ° C. It is characterized by high flexibility and resistance to corrosion. Any artwork can be applied in the form of foil, which after having been printed will allow for excellent visual advertisements.

Window Decals

Multicolored, transparent, PVC foil. It is produced in thirty colors with a silky matt surface. Film thickness - 80? M. Ideally suited for taping windows and corporate websites.

FILMS banners

Soft PVC banner film. It is available in 30 colors with a matt surface. Film thickness - 80 μm. The film is ideal for taping banner ads. It is more flexible and slightly thicker than the film effectiveness.

Plotter films

Economically soft PVC self-adhesive foil. Available in colorful colors with brilliant, glossy and matte. Recommended primarily for exterior advertising short-term and medium-term. Film thickness - 75 μm. Folia resistant to most oils, greases, weak acids, salts and alkalis. It is very often used with most ads.

Reflective films

Resistant to weathering self-adhesive reflective foil. It is resistant to scratches and impact. It is produced in 6 colors with shiny surface. The film thickness - 100 μm. The film is resistant to most oils, grease, weak acids, salts and alkalis. Also resistant to corrosion of steel elements to which it is affixed. Perfectly draws attention to drivers and passers-by.


One Way Vision film is used as artwork is to be applied on the windows. It is a grid of evenly spaced holes. This transmits light completely but are not limited visibility. Is the possibility of printing. It is used for wrapping storefronts, and most windshields.


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