Polycarbonate is perfectly plastic material which is most commonly used construction. Excellent properties make polycarbonate become the most versatile material that combines the highest strength properties and excellent thermal insulation while maintaining low weight. As a result, it becomes very versatile plastic and is more and more applications in modern projects both outside and inside. Sheets polycarbonate are available in many configurations, which dodatowo allows you to customize it to the needs of our project. Sheets polycarbonate can be additionally protected against UV rays on both sides, or to strengthen against gradobiciu. Plastics are manufactured by co-extrusion of polycarbonate resin. The material we have in different colors from translucent panels, colorless to slightly dymionych, or full color. All of them have many certifications and approvals technicznhych, and a wide range of accessories allows for easy and efficient installation.
Many attractive properties policarbonu:

  • durability (10 year warranty)
  • high thermal insulation (U to 1.0 W / m2K)
  • weatherability
  • impact resistance
  • Density - 1,2 g / cm3
  • Refractive index - 1.58
  • The modulus of elasticity> 30kj / m2
  • The tensile strength of> 70 MPa
  • plate foiled two sides
  • high light transmission
  • low weight
  • high rigidity
  • anti-UV protection layer
  • ease of molding hot and cold

It is available in special versions:

  • NO DROP - coating prevents condensation
  • IQ relax - reduced IR heat tansmisja
  • Hail resistance - German certificate of resistance to hail

The most common applications:

  • coatings and glazing roofs of sports facilities, industrial and commercial
  • smoke vents and skylights
  • Elements of design and building interiors, for example. Partition walls, ceilings
  • fulfillment of gates, doors and railings.
  • Canopies passages, shelters, bus stops, canopies over entrances and vestibules
  • Verandas, conservatories, pergolas and loggias
  • greenhouses, swimming pools
  • partitions
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • safe filling of windows and doors


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