Modern plastic which is polycarbonate solid, commonly referred to as "safety glass". It combines the features excellent resistance to impact and flexibility while maintaining the transparency of ordinary glass, with its curb weight is much less than glass. Polycarbonate solid thanks to its unusual properties is not only used in the construction industry as protective glazing finish, but also in projects where high thermal insulation and flammability. One of the most significant of polymers in the field of plastics has also the possibility of bending the cold and hot, and bonding this material provides even greater scope for use in smaller and more complex embodiments. Solid polycarbonate slabs are available in both standard as well as with UV coating. The coating increases the resistance to UV radiation, and thus significantly improves the quality characteristics that are indispensable for the application of plastic material in the open air. Solid Polycarbonate is protected on both sides by a protective film to be removed when installing the panels. In addition to the aforementioned excellent properties, polycarbonate sheets are resistant to breakage by contact with the majority of inorganic acids, with a large part of the organic acids, oxidizing agents, neutral and acidic solutions of salts, fats, detergents.
Solid polycarbonate properties:
High strength and toughness.
High resistance to inorganic substances.
High thermal insulation (K to 1.4 W / m2 K)
lightness 9 times lighter than glass composite
transparency of glass - up to 92%
200-fold greater impact resistance than glass
temperature range from -40 to + 120 ° C
softening temperature of 145 ° C
resistance to UV radiation,
retardant (flammability class B1)
durability - 10-year warranty
ease of molding hot and cold
resistance to discoloration very smooth surface,
high transparency
Special varieties of solid polycarbonate:
NR - Anti-
AR - increased hardness
FR - increased fire resistance
FG - approved for contact with food
Sheets polycarbonate used in modern architectural solutions
shockproof and anti-theft cover
roofing of sports facilities, commercial and industrial
skylights and roof - flat and thermoformed
glazing windows, doors, partitions
arcades, indoor parking, entrance canopies
roof verandas, porches and balconies
conservatories, orangeries, greenhouses
acoustic screens
covers industrial equipment, streetlights
signs and advertising signs
table tops, table tops cover
mats under armchairs, chairs


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