OTHER NAMES: Plexiglass, PMMA, Plexiglass, Acrylic, metacrylate, Plexiglas, Metaplex, Metapleksi, Perspex, AKRYLON, AKRYLON XT

Plexiglass because of its characteristics is often called acrylic glass. It is the most popular of wide use plastic. Products made of this material are .: panels, small parts Utility, exhibitions, enclosures, glass or decorative elements. The big advantage is its ease of Plexiglass processing: cutting, bending, polishing, milling, engraving, and the ability scrapbooks and gluing. Plates with Plexiglass have the widest range of colors, different effects finishes (gloss, matt, satin), varied thickness and degree of transparency.
Plexiglas plate is transparent rigid plastic and thermoplastic. The color is naturally colorless with exceptional transparency (resistant to UV and external conditions) is ideally suited for glazing instead of glass. ACRYLIC (PMMA) is in the form of molded and extruded plates and tubes, and rods.
The main difference is that the plexiglass plate embossed have greater accuracy in thickness. In contrast, plexiglass plate poured more suitable for engraving and milling. Plexiglas plates have a very high transparency and resistance to UV radiation and atmospheric conditions. Plates PMMA (plexiglass, acrylic) are easy to handle and are approved for contact with food. Plates of Plexiglas can be used as signboards, illuminated partitions and bolts showcases, you have to do all sorts of filling doors, skylights, noise barriers. Plates of Plexiglas are ideal for thermoforming. Acrylic (plexiglass, PMMA) plates come in a wide range of colors so you are used as decorative elements and finishing.
Polymer plastic commonly referred to as plexiglas, perspex, plexiglas in its basic form is a material rigid, thermoplastic, colorless with exceptional transparency. Thanks to its resistance to UV radiation and external conditions does not require special maintenance and very long retains its properties. The popularity of applications such materials also stems from the ease of forming and machining, which can be performed with hand tools, so individually, on their own, without hiring specialized companies. In order to obtain a wide range of light transmission and a full range of shades and colors, acrylic subjected to staining. PMMA is present mainly in the form of a molded or extruded disc surface gloss or matt.

The basic properties of Plexiglass:

  • Simple machining
  • Unbeatable transparency
  • Excellent resistance to changing weather conditions and UV radiation
  • High aesthetics and surface quality
  • Excellent resistance to UV light and variable weather conditions
  • Resistance to many chemicals
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Low abrasion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to many corrosive chemicals
  • Approved for contact with food comply with all the requirements of European food standards.
  • They do not contain any toxic materials or heavy metals. They are insoluble in water and not subject to hazardous materials
  • They can easily be recycled

Popular applications:

  • illuminated signs
  • advertising panels
  • light fixtures,
  • exhibitions shop.
  • shelving and tables,
  • Decoration stands and features shops,
  • fill out the door,
  • glazing and partitions,
  • skylights
  • tanning beds,
  • the walls of car washes,
  • covers machinery and equipment, glazing of greenhouses and gardens
  • winter, noise barriers along motorways


  • Cutting - saw vertical, angular, and jigsaw.
  • Screen printing - a commercially available screen printing inks,
  • Tiling - adhesive film,
  • Bending - when heated can
  • Screwing - commercially available stainless steel screws for wood, metal and metal,
  • Milling - cutting of any shape using a CNC Router
  • Drilling - drills for metal and plastic,
  • Bonding - special adhesives for PMMA / acrylic,
  • Laser - cutting any shape using a laser plotter,
  • Polishing: diamond, dip, mechanically,


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