We sell plates and plastic products such as:

  • PLEXI (Plexiglas, PMMA) - plates, rods, pipes, blocks
  • PC - polycarbonate slabs of solid and chambered
  • DIBOND - aluminum composite panels
  • PS - HIPS plate with high impact polystyrene boards (XPS styrodur), extruded polystyrene
  • PVC - polyvinyl chloride plates with foam, hard or paved surface and rolls and strips of soft PVC
  • PET - Polyester plates
  • ABS - disc with ABS
  • PP - polypropylene plates
  • PA - plate of Polyamide
  • STARON - mineral boards - AcrylicKAPA / FOAM-X

For your convenience and information are presented below basic characteristics, properties and uses of these materials. We offer help in selecting the material to a specific project. We also invite you to our online store where you can purchase, or read our detailed offer.


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