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Billboards or information are a great form of advertising and visual presentation are an integral part of any business. We are here to apply the various techniques of graphic design application, from scrapbooks film plotter for large-format digital printing using the full range of colors CMYK. We have the ability to print directly on the fabric by using modern technology of UV printing.


Plexi / Acrylic - thickness from 1.5 to as much as 20mm. The applicability of the plate colorless, milky or colored. The best results are achieved by tiling adhesive film or foil printing "from the glue" on the back table, thus creating a depth effect. The use of foil mimicking the frosted glass is a very interesting and popular option. The film can also be applied weatherproof printing. Non-trivial solution may be a notch logos, or subtitles, and then removing the corresponding material portion. This allows us to create an individual very interesting project, which will return the attention.
Foamed PVC - a thickness of 2 to 10 mm. It is the most common material used for billboards and information. PVC is a lightweight, yet flexible plastic, weatherproof. The low weight and structure of the material which does not absorb water allows to use it in a visual advertising, both inside and outside. Advertising graphics can be chosen according to their individual needs depending on its complexity and color.
Dibond - a material with a thickness of 2-3mm. Dibond a sandwich panel consisting of a polyethylene core and two facings made of aluminum. Ideal for outdoor advertising as well as for decorative use inside. It has very high stiffness at low weight, strength, perfectly smooth surface and aesthetic appearance. Available in white, black and a few basic colors, but also with a surface of brushed aluminum or copper. Using this material, we can create a very interesting form of advertising in addition engraving or milling material.
Polypropylene - Polyethylene with a single chamber structure to a thickness of 10 mm. The cellular structure of the material is rigid, and its weight is low. Perfect for billboards with large areas where we need a stiff backing. Deposition Technique artwork on the disc is free, which allows us to create an individual design of visual advertising.
Other materials - the panel on any material. We can print on adhesive foil and apply it on glass, wood, sheet metal and many other substrates.

We also use a lot of extras for billboards, among other things:

LED backlight
and many others.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our projects.


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