Displays text and graphics are used to display text, simple graphics and animations. This is an excellent form of visual advertising allows for frequent change of advertising. You can display content in mono or color. Using modern LEDs display maintenance costs are not alarmingly high, even with continuous operation of the display. By using super bright LEDs, LED displays are easily legible and visible from a long distance even in bright sunlight.
Using the display is very simple. You only need a USB keyboard and the user can enter text or edit it. If placed on the graphic display animation and graphics, you will need to access your computer. Clients receive special software that allows the independent use of the device and introducing the necessary changes at will. In addition, LED display can show the date, time or temperature in any format. Devices have built-in memory, so you do not have to worry that when power is removed, the information entered will be lost.
Modern LED panels are used to display different kinds of text, simple graphics, video and animation.


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