Polystyrene, high impact HIPS - is a thermoplastic polymer obtained by polymerization of styrene block-suspension containing polybutadiene (synthetic rubber), the fine particles are dispersed in a matrix of polystyrene. Accordingly, the share of rubber changing the physico-mechanical properties of the material. In contrast to the standard PS (GPPS) Hi-impact modification has lost its transparency - HIPS is usually offered in version awry, it decreased slightly temperature stability and rigidity. The addition of rubber allowed much excitement impact polystyrene, which increases with an increasing share of this supplement. A choice of PS, impact-modified is so broad that groupings of medium (PS-I) and high toughness (PS-HI = HIPS).
Polystyrene butadiene rubber modified material are lightweight and very easy thermo formowalnym. So they can be used for drawing even the most complex spatial forms. Also lightly processed mechanically generally available tools for wood and metal. This material is an excellent base for printing of offset and screen printing using inks based on polystyrene, and after a special preparation may be subjected to metallization process. No special modifications recommended for indoor use. The addition of rubber makes the material reduces its tensile strength, lowers the transparency and the hardness and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.

Any method of machining taking account of guidelines for plastic:

  • cutting
  • drilling
  • Turning
  • milling
  • grinding
  • planing
  • Special rules apply machining for a disc mirror
  • die cutting (to the rules on treatment of mirrored discs)

Key features HIPS:

  • light
  • very good thermo formable
  • Good chemical resistance
  • good stiffness
  • resistant to impacts and breaking
  • ease of machining


  • packaging and pallets for food products
  • transport pallets of electronic components
  • waste containers
  • housing beds for tanning
  • stands, illuminated panels

It is used in the advertising industry for the production of:

  • illuminated panels, racks, different ads
  • in the food industry for the production of:
  • packaging and pallets for food products

The industry used to:

  • transport pallets electronic components (HIPS Antistatic)
  • housings elements luminaires
  • the toy industry
  • in the furniture industry for the production of:
  • furniture for hospital facilities, hairdressers and beauty salons and office furniture components, such as. drawer inserts
  • in the refrigeration industry for housing components of refrigerators and refrigerated counters
  • in the aquarium to aquarium cover
  • in interior design for the decorative finishing of offices, hotels, etc.


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