We perform graphics on websites, windows and many other surfaces. This form of visual advertising allows us to distinguish a particular company from the competition. Veneered site is a form of advertising and may provide information about current sales, promotions or news. For sites that are exposed to high insolation, the graphics may block too much sun coming through the window, pełniąz also functions to protect the goods. Often, it allows you to lower the temperature in the room, especially on hot and sunny days.
Our long experience in wyklejaniu visual advertisements, and use high-quality materials guarantees a professional execution of every order.
We would like to provide you with some techniques that we use to wyklejenia film sites, windows and other surfaces using high quality self-adhesive films and printing.

FOIL Adhesive cut plotter

One of the simplest forms of visual advertising that can be created with the help of foil. This technique is used for projects where we need some solid colors. With film, we can cut out the letters, signs and many other elements, thus creating a clear interesting advertising. Plotter films are characterized by high resistance to atmospheric agents, maintaining a uniform, intense color. Self-adhesive films are available in multi colors (stencil adhesive film - here). Additionally, they ensure color consistency from the reuse of the film in subsequent projects. This fact is important in building a consistent image of the company, which has many branches.


This method allows us to virtually unlimited possibilities. By using digital printing UV or solvent printing, we can create advertising on virtually any surface and color tones. Your veneering full sheet of foil printed large format plotter for printing in large format. Adhesive films can be glued to the entire windshield or on its part by. project. The film exists in white or colorless. In addition, you can secure laminate film, which protects the print from fading and mechanical damages.


Window film applied to applications on any kind of transparent substrates. It is a perforated foil, or having evenly spaced holes. The advantage of this film is that the application does not fully block the incoming light from the outside into the room. It is mainly used for sealing the entire surface of the window. The film is printed any graphics that is visible from the outside while maintaining the visibility from the inside. In this way we get a spectacular site, privacy and protection against heating the room.

FROZEN FILM - sandblasted

Self-adhesive film which imitates the effect of frosted glass or sandblasted is an excellent material requiring elegance and prestige. The films can be cut plotter give any shapes and letters, which enables us to create efficient name of the company. Films can attach both inside and out. Iced films can also be printed, which gives huge opportunities. An additional advantage of the foil is the fact that it is evenly diffuses light while providing opacity and privacy.


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