PVC / PVC foam is a plate made of polyvinyl chloride PVC free foam technique by extrusion. The boards have a regular internal structure of closed cells and a smooth surface. Lightweight foamed polyvinyl chloride have excellent surface quality, good insulation, ease of machining, as well as have a resistance to the effects of weathering. Additionally, the plate of foamed polyvinyl chloride available in a wide range of thicknesses and varied range of colors. Thanks to the properties of PVC foam board with many applications in various fields. It is one of the basic materials used in advertising as a substrate for printing, scrapbooks and structural material for the production stand, speakers and others.


  • bending hot
  • vacuum forming
  • drilling
  • milling
  • die-cutting
  • Bonding
  • guillotine cutting and threading.
  • silkscreen printing
  • digital print
  • This material is not suitable for cold bending, and flame polishing diamond and laser cutting.


  • lightweight panels of high rigidity
  • good mechanical properties
  • Simple mechanical and thermal processing
  • perfect for wrapping film
  • high impact strength
  • low water absorption
  • retardant
  • soundproofness


  • Widely used in the manufacture of visual advertisements, among other things:
  • signs and banners, signboards
  • Decoration shop windows
  • building exhibition stands
  • letters and spatial structures
  • racks and presenters
  • building shops and service venues catering
  • filling doors and windows
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • structural elements
  • furniture industry, the rear wall of the furniture
  • Housing machines


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