These are lightweight, rigid and durable panels for universal use. They consist of a thin lacquered aluminum plates of 0.3 mm thickness combined with a layer of low density polyethylene.
With a consistent combination of these two materials is achieved an extremely rigid material, while maintaining low weight. DIBOND thanks to plastic alloy of aluminum and perfectly finished surface plates, has a very wide range of applications. The material can be used to impressive stands, light panels and various types of construction, without worrying about the start of the painted surface and the appearance of rust. The painted surface requires no additional processing. Inventory discs are double-sided colored matt or gloss. The diversity of the surface of composite panels DIBOND® allows the use of the material in the advertising industry, printing, construction, industrial and many other related industries. DIBOND is a material ideally checking in all the decorative structures, and thanks to a special method of forming allows for superb three-dimensional effects. This allows you to easily get interesting project that will interest not just one person.


  • Low weight: 2.90 kg / m2 - 2 mm, 3.80 kg / m 2 - 3 mm
  • The ideal smoothness and surface quality
  • High-quality surface finish in many variations
  • Machinability
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Sensational ratio of weight to stiffness of the material
  • High resistance to bladnięcie color under the influence of UV radiation and weathering
  • A wide range of colors and dimensions
  • No problems with delamination (delamination)
  • Very good sound


  • Exhibition stands
  • signs and information boards
  • light boxes and illuminated advertising.
  • pylons advertising
  • partition walls,
  • facades of buildings,
  • building cars, machines and apparatus.

DIBOND is ideal for working:

  • Cutting - saw vertical, angular, and jigsaw, guillotine shears with a dominant share jigsaw clamps
  • Screen printing - a commercially available screen printing inks,
  • Tiling - adhesive film,
  • Bending - using Brakes and presses
  • Welding - PE layer weld hot air using rods made of polyethylene,
  • Screwing - commercially available stainless steel screws for wood, metal and metal,
  • Riveting - traditional devices riveting,
  • Spray painting - acrylic paint.
  • Bending - manual prior to milling cutter,
  • Milling - cutting of any shape using a CNC Router
  • Drilling - drills for aluminum and plastics,
  • Punching - tool steel for wykrojniku thickness of 2 mm and 3 mm,
  • Bonding - universal adhesives for metal and commercially available double-sided adhesive tapes


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