Advertising panels

Advertising panels is the perfect kind of visual advertising. Professional execution of any size makes us fit for our needs. The panels are distinguished into several types: single-sided and double-sided, but also because of the shape or the material used for construction. Suitable for mounting inside and outside creates a unique opportunity to win new customers. Professionally made coffer advertising becomes a perfect showcase of the company and to stand out from the competition. Inside the light coffer is mounted electronics, in the form of LEDs lighting or fluorescent lighting, which is individually adjusted to customer needs. By using light boxes attract attention, both at night and during the day. Properly selected width of the profile kasetonie and use of high quality modules, LED or fluorescent lamps to avoid the effect of "spot light" and allows to obtain a perfectly diffused light over the entire surface of the light box advertising.


Dibond a sandwich panel consisting of a polyethylene core and two facings made of aluminum. By combining different materials Dibond is very light, stiff while maintaining its low weight, and its look is very aesthetic and elegant. Advertising panels made of dibond are one of the most impressive structures. This material is not impervious to light and therefore requires machining performed using a computer-controlled milling machine. In kasetonie are cut areas (letters, graphics and logos) which will be highlighted. In their place is fixed plastic such as Plexiglas LED that gives the color of light and scatters them to the graphics were equally highlighted. In addition to cover the coffer Dibond frame is folded at the ends to create this effect monoblock or advertising without visible screws or other joints. Coffer that comes in two versions lighting: fluorescent and request more and more common lighting LED'owym.


One of the most striking visual advertisements which, in contrast to the traditional, which is highlighted only the front side will light the entire surface. They are made of Plexiglass plates, so they are strong and evenly scatter the emitted light. Large opportunities in their formation and increased illuminating surface makes are made in different designs and attributed them can be very original shape. Graphics subsequently entered in such kasetonie can be almost arbitrary, printed directly on Plexi or sealed with adhesive sure to attract the eyes of potential customers.


The design of the cassette is based on the aluminum profile, which occurs in several sizes and are individually tailored to each project depending on its size and the applied light. Upon request, profiles, or sides of the cassette can be powder coated to any RAL color. Coffer forehead is mostly made of Plexiglass. This material is very well transmits light, and at the same time it disperses evenly, so the graphics are perfectly placed lighted. Unlike the competition, we are able to realize advertising panels up to 6 meters in length, using one disc Plexi.
Advertising panels can be implemented in two types: single and double sided. In the case of panels of unilateral posterior wall of the cassette is galvanized steel or other material stiffening, which provides easy mounting to a flat surface.
Indoor lighting are the fluorescent light box advertising, LED or RGB LED whose proper distribution ensures uniform light dispersion.

With a face VINYL

Advertising panels with elastic face is undoubtedly the best choice for large-size illuminated advertising, in which we want to highlight artwork printed in full color or obtaining a large area light with no joints. The primary difference in this kind of construction technology of the panels consists in that the front face is made of flexible plastic or lined with a preprinted graphics. By using high quality materials in the project, panels are resistant to weathering and damage so that they are used outside. They are popular and highly aesthetic advertising lights, and it appears on their large format solvent printing notes from long distances. The advantages of this solution is the fact that the face is shatterproof, which greatly simplifies installation with large size cassette. Illuminated surface is always perfectly smooth and resistant to temperature changes, and the cost of its replacement is relatively inexpensive.


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