Fabric coated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is characterized by high resistance to all kinds of mechanical damage and weather conditions. It allows an application unilaterally. It can be used both in commercials visual external and internal. Installation of such a banner advertising does not cause any trouble because it is a budding allowing for proper tension and placement.


Banner material, due to its characteristics and the use of separator material inside the structure impervious to light allows you to put our project on both sides. Both sides are clearly visible.


Banner fabric characterized by lightness and by regularly deployed otworkom transmits light. Ideally suited for the presentation of large-format prints. Often you can find it on the facades of buildings.


This material has properties similar to frontlight-in, but its structure allows the dispersion of light and is suitable for the backlight of large format prints. Often used as a carrier for digital printing or internal exposure.


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