We offer you spatial letters made in different techniques.

Advantages of 3D spatial letters:

  • Modern attractive design 3D surround
  • Durability and strength
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Unlimited color possibilities
  • The ability to implement very large projects
  • Fast delivery

 LETTERS backlit (ECHO)

We offer letters with backlight from behind. Thanks to such use light bounces off the wall, which at night gives a very interesting visual effects. The letters are mounted on distances, so that the light in uniform manner is scattered. The material is completely weatherproof. You can choose between different colors.


We also performing classic block letters, in whose front is made of colored Plexiglas is highlighted. The sides most often is colored PVC. LED lighting modules. To get the proper color saturation we use not only the color white but also yellow, red or blue. We also order non-standard specifications.


Painting case further enhances their attractiveness. We use high quality paint applied to the inside and outside. Double-painting makes the letters are durable and resistant to weather conditions. Painting by our template. Optionally, you can paint it any color RAL.
Interesting form two-color letters. The sides and front of the letters are painted in different colors. An interesting form of performance will certainly attract the attention of others. Double paint is durable and resistant to weather conditions.

LETTERS with border

Interesting form two-color letters. We offer a wide selection of colors, so as to obtain an interesting contrast or coherence. The border is permanently bonded to the letter, which further facilitates self-assembly.


We provide letters of colored Plexiglas. It is a high-quality material, which is characterized by smoothness, gloss and resistance to weather conditions. The material is further foiled so you can avoid the scratches before installation.


We offer various forms of finishing letters and numbers cut from styrodur: painting, wrapping foil, cover Acrylic and engraving steel or aluminum.
We provide letters of styrodur the face of Plexiglass. The use of different colors and contrasts gives an interesting visual effect. Letter XPS is fitted with Plexiglass glossy element, so that we get high aesthetics of the product with its lower weight (than the case entirely made of Plexiglass). The material is further foiled, so avoid the scratches. We cut materials from renowned manufacturers.
Silver mirror offer for ads toned. Installation is best performed at distances that will do for you.

LETTERS WITH dibond brushed silver and gold

We offer letters from dibond characteristic brushed silver and brushed gold. High quality material allows you to give executed advertising subdued elegance and chic.


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